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Your customers check their inbox all day, every day. You're sure to reach them when you work with BELL HTML - Seattle's premier Constant Contact partner since 2001. Build relationships, drive revenue, and deliver real results for your business.

As a small business owner, every day brings new challenges, and with those challenges come
opportunity. When it comes to growing your business through engagement marketing, the
opportunity to succeed lies with BELL HTML as a quality business solution partner with Constant Contact.

We handle your campaigns from creative, production, list managment through launch and final reporting!


Why Constant Contact

Constant Contact wrote the book on Engagement Marketing™ – the new marketing success formula that helps small organizations create and grow customer relationships in today’s socially connected world. More than half a million small businesses, nonprofits and associations worldwide use the company’s online marketing tools to generate new customers, repeat business, and referrals through email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, local deals, digital storefronts, and online surveys.  Only Constant Contact offers the proven combination of affordable tools and free KnowHow, including local seminars, personal coaching and award-winning product support. The company further supports small organizations through its extensive network of consultants/resellers, technology providers, franchises and national associations.

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We turn clients into rock stars!

As a small business owner, it’s one thing to know your niche, but things can get tricky when it comes time to consistently communicate the passion you have for your business to potential customers, and deliver it in a timely and appropriate manner.

And that’s where BELL HTML comes in.“I work hard to bring out the personality in each client’s content,” Tim explains, noting that injecting new enthusiasm into emails and blogs can result in immediate success. For example, one client he helped had an open rate of 14.9% in September. By November, Tim had boosted those rates by 36.4%.

Rock star indeed — an email marketing rock star to be precise.

But just as there’s more than one musical genre, there’s more to Constant Contact than just email marketing. Take for example the services offered by Brandon Klayman of Conscious Commerce, a Calgary, Alberta based company offering holistic business solutions. Klayman helps clients like Candis Loomans from Pure Balance with all of her marketing touchpoints, leveraging Constant Contact to reach out to the widest audience possible.

Thanks to the different types of campaigns available in Constant Contact, Pure Balance has made significant strides. “The feedback I’ve received has helped me gain confidence as a small business owner,” said Loomans.

If you’re looking to grow your business through email marketing!